Every year we run Butchery Classes at our shop in Maldon. We keep the classes small, hands on and competitively priced to give people an introduction to butchery skills related to each subject. As the class levels increase so does the complexity and difficulty. ​

All our 2020 public classes are sold out this year, however if you would like a bespoke one-to-one class, or to arrange a group lesson then please get in touch. 


We have developed our classes to offer people of all abilities a chance to experience a range of carcasses and skills in a focused and friendly environment. They are a great way to improve your confidence and knowledge around meat of good provenance.


  • Lasting 1hr 30m, each class gives an introduction to key elements of butchery for all abilities.

  • Understand the different cuts of meat, uses and cooking.

  • Knife skills, sharpening your knife and keeping it sharp!

  • Hands on practical skills and tips from preparing to storing meat​

  • Small class size to ensure full access to our Master Butcher

  • Take home some of the produce you have worked on and attendance certificate.


Ansells Butchery Skills 1: £70

  • Knife handling skills

  • Knife sharpening

  • CHICKEN - Whole chicken each to practice boning and tying up joints

  • Take home some of the meat you have worked on

Ansells Butchery Skills 2: £80

  • LAMB - Breaking down a whole carcass into primal cuts.

  • Whole carcass shared between group

  • Preparing, boning and rolling joints

  • Take home some of the meat you have worked on 

Ansells Butchery Skills 3: £85 

  • Breaking down a whole side of PORK into primal cuts.

  • Carcass shared between group

  • Cutting joints from nose to tail and taking home some of the meat you have worked on

  • Class size limited to 4 people

For further information please email info@ansellandsons.co.uk