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Ansell & Sons Butchers

Ansell & Sons, 5 High St. Maldon

Christmas 2019


Ansell & Sons Today

"Following in the footsteps of my Father and Grandfathers who ran a butchers shop from 5 High St, Maldon, provides a strong sense of pride in what we do.

We strive to continually evolve, to meet the needs of our customers whilst staying true to the one thing, I believe, has kept us in business all these years - high standards. We provide good quality local produced, welfare priority meat." 

Paul Raymond

Master Butcher, Ansell & Sons

Shopping at Ansells

Whether its your weekly shop, a summer BBQ, your Sunday roast or a special family gathering, we have something to suit all occasions and budgets, just come and ask! 

How do I place an order?

You can place your meat orders by phone, pop in the shop or email us direct. 

What do you sell?

We are a meat and game specialist. Our meat, game & poultry produce ranges are primarily locally sourced from Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk farms. In addition we are also regularly supplied direct from Smithfield Market, London.


We hand make all our sausages on site, from the classic Ansells recipe to our anniversary Leonard blend.  


We work with local bespoke catering company Gather & Feast to supply seasonal flavoured homemade pies and beef wellingtons.  

Our chiller cabinet stocks a range of marinated and oven ready meal solutions including chicken Kiev, spatchcocked whole chickens, kebabs, ribs and stews. 

We also offer local eggs, chutneys, cooked meats, cheese and condiments.

The Ansells History 

Ansell & Sons, 5 High St. Maldon

 Christmas 1928

old shop exterior.jpg

Ansell & Sons and The Raymond Family

Maldon & Burnham News Article 04/01/19

My father Derek Raymond worked at the shop owned by his father, Sidney. 

Sidney was orphaned as a young child and came to live in Maldon with his Aunt above the fish and chip shop. He got a weekend job working at the butchers L.M.Ansell and found a home there, working alongside Leonard Ansell and his son Albert. 

Upon Albert's passing, Sidney took over the business and so it fell back into the Raymond family. I say 'fell back' because the most incredible discovery was recently made that, unbeknown to Sidney, the first people to establish a butchers business on the site of 5 High St. in 1796 were William and Sarah Raymond, Sidney's two times great grandparents whom he knew nothing about. They called their shop 'Crackbones'. 

Not only has the Raymond family been living in Maldon for over 200 years, but for part of that time five of the generations have traded as butchers from 5 High Street.

Names and dates of butchers at Crackbones/5 High Street, Maldon

  • William Raymond (1796-1812)

  • Sarah Raymond, John Smith Raymond, Thomas Raymond, Joseph Henry Raymond (1812-1826)

  • Robert Josiah Craneis (1826-1832)

  • Richard Lamb Snr (1832-1855)

  • Richard Lamb Jnr (1855-1858)

  • William Wright (1858-1889)

  • George W K Handley (1889-1894)

  • Norris Blaxall (1894-1898)

  • William Firmin (1898-1920)

  • Maldon & Heybridge Co-Op (1920-1927)

  • Leonard M Ansell (1928-1951)

  • Albert Ansell (1928-1963)

  • Sidney Raymond (1933-1993)

  • Derek Raymond (Since 1963)

  • Paul Raymond (Since 1993)

We hope you've enjoyed hearing about our little piece of history! Without our amazing customers we wouldn't still be here and we couldn't do it without you. 

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